Air Chrony software on Flash Disc



Flash Disc contains software necessary for connecting your Air Chrony to the PC. Using only genuine software with Air Chrony is strongly recommended.

Software can be also downloaded from the download section.

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$ 10

Air Chrony software provides interface between PC and any Air Chrony model. The software can be purchased on Flash Disc but if you do not need the Disc then free download is available on the following link:

We recommend to use only genuine software. Using unauthorized spare parts or accessories may damage your Air Chrony or cause a malfunction.

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Air Chrony software on Flash Disc

Air Chrony software on Flash Disc


  • high measuring accuracy
  • proven solution
  • safe operation
  • recommended shooters


If the goods are in stock, then ships in 2 working days after receipt of payment!

Air Chrony, instant delivery!


ALL AMERICAN are so good quality that we can guarantee the immediate exchange for a new one in case of a justified complaint.

Air Chrony, your assurance of quality.

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