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Download the latest instruction manual or software for connecting to Air Chrono computer. All information included herein is updated continuously.

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Firmware for Air Chrony MK3 and MK1 (Updates 2017.12.05 version 112)
Download the updated version of firmware for the ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK3 and MK1 and update your chrono. Firmware is a program that is permanently placed in your chornografu and control its functioning. Always use the latest version of the firmware. Play the original version of firmware to a new version is very easy. On detailed instructions how to proceed you can look through our YouTube channel here

Software Air Chrony.
The software is identical for all courses Air Chrony chronographs sold through this website and is compatible with any PC running Windows (XP Vista, 7, 8.10).

Software AirChrony.
The software is identical for all shooting chronographs Air Chrono sold through this website and is compatible for all PC running Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8).

Video guide for Air Chrony MK3 English
Video guide for shooting chronograph Air Chrony MK3 is available for you on

Manual for Air Chrony
Air Chrony MK3
Air Chrony MK1

Abstract of measurements from the calibration protocol

Trial version software for MAC

Please send us your feedback here Software Air Chrony for MAC here.


  • high measuring accuracy
  • proven solution
  • safe operation
  • recommended shooters


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